Reinstallation of the Boppard Panels

001ReinstallEmpty frames and a new lifting platform system at the ready 002ReinstallMegan checking the panel is secure
003ReinstallKenny fixing the angle supports in place 004ReinstallMarie and Kenny – The Virgin and Child and Ten commandments panels safely installed!
005ReinstallNow the Scenes from the Life of Christ panels 006ReinstallHalf way there
007ReinstallInserting the holding screws 008ReinstallA job well done!
009ReinstallThe completed reinstallation including the two Bishop Saints. The small top panels have been omitted as they are c;lose to the high humidity in the ceiling. 010ReinstallThe panels look beautiful and bright after a good (and very painstaking) clean. The colours are clearer and you are aware of details missed before. Come and see them!