The Boppard Faces

We need your help! Please take part in the experiment at the bottom of this blog.

There are over 44 faces in the Burrell Collection Boppard panels, and all display a uniformly consistent style of painting, suggesting that all the panels were painted by the same artist. In the context of the stories displayed in the panels it is easy to discern who is who and the baddies from the goodies. But can you do it from the character of the face alone?

We have cut out 44 of the faces (some are in armour so little of their face is visible) and reoriented them to a standard format. Here they are:




We have setup a webpage to allow you to pick out who are the baddies. You can also have a go at identifying the faces representing God (2 images), Jesus (3 images), Mary (3 images) and the devil (1 image). You can then submit your choices so we can analyse the results in the first blog in June.

Please take part as the more results the better! The button will load a page from my own website (Ayrshire Members’ Centre for the National Trust for Scotland – it has nothing to do with the NTS)



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