Facts about Glass – Making Cylinder Glass

Making Cylinder Glass

Blowing the bubble. The bubble is blown and encouraged into a sausage shape.  Cylinder-Blowing
Creating the sausage of glass. The hot bubble is swung into a pit or by standing on a raised platform. A sausage of up to 8 feet long by 18 inches  can be created.  Cylinder-Swinging
The blowpipe is cut off leaving a hole and the other end is also opened up to create a cylinder shape.  Cylinder-Cutting-end
The hardened cylinder is scored and cracked or is cut with shears down its length.  Cylinder-CuttingCylinder
The cylinder of glass can now be opened up and pushed into a flat sheet in a hot kiln. The finished sheet of glass is then annealed to relieve stresses before it is used.  Cylinder-Flattening

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