Facts about Glass – Making Crown Glass

Making Crown Glass

Blowing Crown glass bubble. The bubble would be transferred to a pontil (or punty) rod – the pontil rod would have a blob of soft glass on the end which would be attached to the bubble. The blowpipe would then be cut off leaving a hole which would be opened up with a wooden stick ready to be spun.  Crown-Blowing
Spinning the bubble.in front of the furnace. The bubble is spun in front of the furnace to keep the glass soft. It’s a bit like spinning a pizza base to make it thinner.  Crown-Spinning
The full disc. The disc is spun until it is thin at which point the glass can be allowed to harden. The pontil rod is then snapped off to leave the finished disc.  Crown-FullDisc
Annealing the disc to relieve stress in the glass. The finished disc is annealed to allow it to cool slowly, relieving the stresses in the glass so it can be cut easily. The bulls eye at the centre where it was attached to the pontil rod is either returned to the crucible or used for ornamental purposes in plain windows or in geometrically patterned leaded glass  Crown-Annealing



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