Taking the first window off display

After months of planning and preparation we have begun the Boppard project by removing the first window from display. The panels have been up ever since the Burrell opened in 1983 and – as far as we know – they have never been removed before. That considered, the de-installation went very smoothly and there were no real problems. We had thought we might need up to two days to de-install in case of any unforeseen issues, but instead we were able to complete the work in a morning. We used scaffolding to reach the glass and had 4 people working together on different levels of the scaffold in order to pass the glass down safely once it was removed. The panels were then loaded onto a trolley with ample padding to reduce vibration and securely tied in order to transport them to the conservation work room.

We discovered that the lower panels were framed together in pairs and puttied into position, so we abandoned our original plan to remove the glass from these frames until we know more about their condition and how much conservation work they will need.

Kenny & Andrew deinstalling Boppard panels
Kenny & Andrew deinstalling Boppard panels

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